The Cheese Trap

Cheese Trap

Cheese: The ultimate processed food. Highly calorific and full of salt. Cheese as we all know is extremely more-ish. Neal Barnard is an eminent physician – a Fellow of the American College of Cardiologists. He describes the addictive properties of cheese in detail, attributing this to morphine like molecules – casomorphins – released during digestion of the milk protein casein. The cheese cravers get hooked not realising  the dangers ahead. Cheese is packed full of worrisome hormones and growth factors. It is implicated in the development of heart disease and the hormone dependent cancers e.g. breast and prostate. Other cancer types may also also be promoted by constituents of cheese. Migraines, asthma, joint diseases, type 2 diabetes, acne – Neal Barnard states that cheese is a major culprit in many medical conditions.

In the second half of the book Dr. Barnard relates the unpleasantness of the cheese manufacturing process and what the animals go through.  The dirty tricks used by the cheese industry to keep people hooked are pretty eye popping – “triggering the cravings” e.g the Wendy’s triple cheese combo – two types of cheese, 3 bacon rashers, then the burger, topped off with cheese coated fries.

But all is not lost and what I really like about this book is how Dr Barnard provides solutions to the problem i.e how to eliminate cheese and adopt a healthy diet. I love the recipes and today tried his pizza and tomato sauce which in combination with some Violife vegan mozzarella went down very well in our house!!

In conclusion this is a well written book, easily readable over a few days with the added benefit of delicious recipes which can help to break the dangerous cheese habit.