Today marks 3 years since I found a lump..



A 3 year Cancer-versary! I am feeling positive and everything seems stable. All power to the NHS for putting the fire out! But then it’s been over to natural chemotherapy – curcumin, artemisinin, vitamin D, a vegan low sugar diet and much much more. The orthodox docs still see me as a good advert for chemo but I am outside the 95% confidence intervals for survival for this rare as hen’s teeth condition. At times – following some of the cancer stories – there has been sadness as others have not been so lucky….

Currently I am concentrating on the emotional side – wow! I really rate EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and hypnotherapy. A real eye opener!


So – to celebrate here is an uplifting song!!!!

Can’t stop the Feeling!!!

Would write more but it’s sauna time….

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