Visual Imagery with my Cat

Visual Imagery with my Cat 


We have two cats – Chico Gomez (Squirrel / Frog Slayer) and Chessie (The Mad Thinker). They have very different personalities but both love toasty warm cuddles. Wherever I decide to do my relaxation, Chessie seeks me out. I prepare myself. Headphones, dim the lights, lie down. I follow a visual imagery protocol described in O Carl Simonton’s: “Getting Well Again”. I say my prayers and start the breathing. I listen to YouTube videos of falling rain, beach sounds, forest tweets and tinkles. Binaural beats help getting in the zone. In through the nose. Anatomy goes out of the window as I imagine the air passing over the top of my head and travelling down into my tummy and lungs. My muscles relax as I summon my avatar to do today’s work.

The Silver Surfer complete with surfboard awaits my bidding. I imagine him soaring in my mind , navigating myriad lymph channels, blood vessels, nerves. The Power Cosmic at his disposal, the Silver Surfer zaps the weak and frail tumour cells with abandon. And they are weak. They cower, shivering, bewildered. My mind starts to wander, straying into an infinity of possible futures. I need to be disciplined. Concentrate on the breathing and the rest should follow. Zap each known deposit in turn – the primary, omental deposit, para-aortic nodes. All fry in my mind! The Surfer summons my powerful natural killer cells and vigilant macrophages to mop up the destroyed tumour cells. Strong and vigorous my immune cells shred the feeble cancer cells. It’s no contest!


I feel a tap on my right hand. More tapping becoming a swat. It is very insistent.

“Prrr. Meow?”

Oh no, it’s Chessie. She meows again. I need to concentrate to finish my protocol. She nips my hand. Chessie wants to be stroked. What do I do – if I stroke her she will get more affectionate and I will totally lose my concentration. I don’t really want to swat her away. I decide to stroke her.

“Meow, Meow, Meow Prrrrrr.” Chessie tries to climb on my tummy to get comfortable. I am now uncomfortable! Oh dear, the session is breaking down. I wonder if she is attracted to the birds tweeting in the background music. I change the track – but she continues to fidget, finally getting comfortable, settling against my right flank – the heat of my very active liver must be almost irresistible if you are a cat seeking warmth.

“What’s that smell?” Oh no – Chessie is really relaxed now – so relaxed that she farts away to her heart’s content. A little flustered, I continue my breathing exercises and relax slowly again. I can’t breathe too deeply as the aroma is rather pungent! I decide not to swat her away. I stroke her until she settles down purring by my side. I wonder if her purring at 120 Hz will set up some sort of interference with the binaural beats and counter the healing, but the combination seems fine. And, as all to often happens, I doze off before the work is done. I wake with a start, feel a bit guilty about the sleep and finish my protocol. O Carl Simonton states that the imagery must conclude with a vision of health. For some strange reason Morecambe & Wise spring easily to mind.



I see my self skipping happily into the distance. The bright future awaits. I give thanks with the Lord’s Prayer. Chessie is still purring and I can hear Jackie  downstairs. Time for a raw salad!