No treatment – seven months said the textbooks. With chemotherapy – thirteen months said the textbooks again. So where am I now? Answer – twenty three months after diagnosis….. And Very  Grateful!

“The mortality of the condition is skewed to the first two years.” I can’t remember which doctor told me that..

Throw away the textbooks please – I won’t behave!

Unless I choke on my Christmas nut loaf – two years should be “taken as read”. I have many plans for next year. I am very grateful.


So grateful for:

A saviour who I believe died to save us

My wife, Jackie who is so lovely on her own but buy one get one free – she also has a lifesaving social network!

This Christmas  – which will be the best ever!

My doctors and healers


My talents. A bit of chemo-brain and neuropathy aren’t going to stop me.

Three healthy daughters

My Church

Family, friends and work colleagues who have supported us so much in the struggle

My Juicer


Curcumin, Cruciferous vegetables, Carctol, vitamin D, and many other natural supplements

Youyou Tu for artemesinin!!

Two cats, a hamster and a tortoise.

The Coast-to-Coast Walk is looking possible!


So many other things…. Thank you!

Merry Christmas everyone!