Crowd source funding for study of Artemisinin in Bowel Cancer

Crowd funding – a new phenomenon or a new name for something else? – an innovative way to fund important research.

Amazing!! Amazing!!! Artemisinin is a chinese herb previously used to treat malaria but it seems to have anti-cancer properties. This research study is not being run by big pharma – but by proper doctors and funded by the great unwashed masses!!! It is trying to answer a very important question. I am a very naughty patient and started taking artemisinin 1gram daily in the summer – when I felt the recurrence of the lymph node in my neck. (You can buy almost anything on the internet – but of course I absolutely most definitely wouldn’t recommend that!!). My oncologist told me at the outset that this node was a sentinel for the primary – i.e if the primary is coming back the lymph node in my neck would show itself first. Instant panic and I formulated a new plan of attack – bump up the home remedies and redouble my efforts meditating. I don’t know what it means but the lymph node gradually disappeared – was it the artemisinin? Who knows – I am taking so many herbs…. This would be a phase 2 study looking to see if artemisinin has any beneficial effects on the course of disease in colon cancer patients. An amazing development if more studies like this are planned. 

So which song mentioning  herbs do these lyrics come from?

“Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.”

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