Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam……..

I’ve never been a political animal really, but in my old age some things just don’t seem right.

Sir Richard Doll – he wanted to be a mathematician but got pushed into medicine and discovered the statistical relationship between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. News normally travels fast – even without the internet but it didn’t just take years for his message to filter through – it took decades. “Stuff” goes viral on YouTube in minutes but an age elapsed before the first public information campaigns to tackle smoking. Even in the 50s the telephone, telegraph, telex and television could disseminate information pretty rapidly. So why did it take so long for the life saving message to get through – well it is due in part to sustained and orchestrated dirty tricks played by the tobacco companies to subvert the public health message..

The parallel today is that we face an equally dangerous public health issue  – that is the relationship between the SAD diet (Standard American /UK Diet) and ill health. A relationship which is ignored – partly or wholly due to pressure from the big food corps.

So here is a bit of information – it is a longish video – but very entertaining if you like medical jokes…

Alternatively if you like your meat – here is The Spam Song!

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