So relieved, I wrote a poem….

Back from holiday. Back to reality. And reality could be worse! Yesterday my Oncologist told me my CT scan was stable! Thanks to God! No change. No new lumps and no spread! So no need for chemo for the next 3 months barring unpleasant surprises! Over the last two months I have been writing – creative sessions at the Oncology centre have been great fun. I have set up this blog but have been too lily-livered to publish anything. I am so relieved today – so relieved that I feel the need to post my first efforts at poetry since school! Ouch – I hear  – groans of apprehension….Do people remember the beginning of Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect are transported up to the invading Vogon ship. They are sentenced to death by the Vogon captain – who likes to read his appalling poetry to victims before they are executed by expulsion into the inky vacuum of space. Hopefully my poetry is more easy on the ears… Here goes nothing!


Salted Caramel

I recline in

The warm breeze

Delicious murmuring happiness

Caresses my thoughts.


Egg and Spoon!

Daddy! Now Please!

The fun race

Ends serenity.


A frenzied dash

For the line

Trophy or not

Always ice cream.

PS The girls came second in the Helford Regatta sandcastle competition and egg and spoon race. I came last in the swimming – it’s the taking part!!

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