Google News

“Google Search” and “Google News” are fantastic innovations. Most days I Google “Cancer” or “Cancer Cure” to look at the latest developments. This can be quite upsetting as a lot of the stories relate to patients who have died or are dying. However I have found a number of stories that have been leads for possible treatments. Today top of the Google News results for “Cancer Cure” is:

A word of caution – it is easy to get caught up in the media hype. Tabloid articles often jump the gun and may be downright wrong. The positive findings of lab based research do not always translate into improved survival or quality of life in real patients.   Articles may be just anecdotal reports – i.e a story from a single patient which may not apply to the general population. The articles may be written by scammers or charlatans – yes i have been scammed and very upsetting it was too. So one must think very critically – we are a lot more complicated than mice. Doctors give dopamine intravenously to critically ill patients – so you can’t buy it in Holland and Barrett – and it is unlikely that dopamine or it’s derivatives will be any use to cancer patients for some years to come. These reports can be incredbly frustrating to read, especially when they finish with the line: “more research is needed before…….”. However, the happy hormone dopamine can be experienced anywhere and doesn’t cost money, so they say – we know that staying positive leads to better outcomes for patients whatever the disease – seeing this new science reinforces the need to have faith and hope for better things to come.

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